Reduction of music to its essence is the overall theme of this Suisse Composer’s Portrait – kindly supported by Pro Helvetia – with the title Assonances. The musicians of the Egyptian European Contemporary Music Ensemble under the baton of Vykintas Baltakas present various ways of musical reduction be it the concentration on assonating tones or on musical germs that form points of reference, or be it the absolute reduction of music to the sound of breath. Five works of five

Suisse contemporary composers go deep into simplicity.
10424288_986005164749326_2884676369388678887_nAnnegret Rehse



A Massage from an audience!!!!!
At the very beginning I started to prepare myself to get into the right mood to be indulged with the music.
I closed my eyes, when firstly played, the tunes seemed harmonious and perfect, surprisingly, they were interrupted by some unexpected alterations of the tunes. They were noisy and calm, related and unrelated, rebellious and submissive, meditative and deceptive.
It was dramatic, this kind of music that stimulates thinking, weird, isn’t it? Along with theatrical phenomenon, you anticipate some action, you wait for stories to be told, the music has something to tell you, I was so eager to figure out, and during its silence, I was left puzzled. It is spontaneously expressive and liberates itself from rules. As if musicians decided consciously to play unconsciously and let it is what will be, the great creative CHAOS, messy, yet beautiful in a way. It attracts you at some points and at other points; it distracts you for the sake of thinking.
Each and every element in the Universe has its own tunes; you just have to be attentive, sensitive and dedicated. I was introduced the air, it was really interesting. This was only the air, what about the other elements, there must be a symphony of which we are unaware, the symphony of universe.