New Project on the way ´´ Heritage and Modernity ´´



Heritage & Modernity is the headline of the academic section of these projects. In the course of the program, composers and musicologists will on the one hand discuss the relationship between different musical traditions and European Modernism, and on the other hand shed some light on the significance of the cultural heritage from an artistic and a socio-political viewpoint. Moreover, several invited composers and some composers who have proactively approached us will be given the opportunity to interact with the involved Egyptian and Arab musicians, to hear top-notch Arab concerts, and to work individually with some of the best traditional instrumentalists in Egypt. All guests will be invited to participate in the roundtables and seminars and to present their own advances in their respective fields. Especially valuable will be the exchange with composers Oscar Bianchi and Zaid Jabri, whose works in a way constitute first approaches towards a consolidation that can faciliate the introduction of the unusual subject matter to young composers, and who will mentor the development of their new compositional ideas.

Covering four days, the event is planned for late April 2016, parallel to the Cairo Contemporary Music Days. An international call will follow in October.
Main Partners of the project are Gaudeamus Muziekweek and the Lithuanian Ensemble Network.
We expect young composers from Japan, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Hungary, South Korea,Lithuania and the Arab world to participate.