Negmeyat ( At Present)


the Egyptian Contemporary Music Ensemble, is gratified about obtaining the support of the Arab fund for Arts and Culture AFAC which is the most prestigious fund supporting Culture and Arts in the Arab world. “At Present” is the name of the Project that was selected for such grant. It consists of several artistic productions inspired by the Arab culture. Among such projects is “Negmeyat” which is inspired by the works of the late Egyptian poet Ahmed Fouad Negm (el-Fagoummie). Negm, who died in this same month two years ago, is the best-known and most popular vernacular poet in Egypt for both his heart-felt, close to everyday life verse and his political activism that lasted over the last 60 years. He is considered one of the most influential artists in the entire Middle East.

The production of Negmyat celebrates the power of the word through music, for that it aims at integrating 6 diverse premier compositions and the artistic vision of the event can be summed up as follows

The Gospel of talk about written words and their capacity to both preserve and destroy that which they purport to help remember. It is a non-linear philosophic and social reflection about writing in history, elaborating on how artistic elements are intertwined with the historical, social and philosophical development of humanity; words that express collective social sentiment and are retrospectively reflected in the present state of affairs.