Interview with Young Composer Rosilla Adel – AYM Residency Participant

Rosilla Adel – Interview

Q: Why do you think there are a few women composers nowadays?

R: Women composers are rare and that can be because of the difficulty of such field and the same applies to male composers as well but most importantly is that this field was not given enough attention in Egypt that people are aware of its importance and what it means in the first place.

Q: What has made you pursue composition as a your main studies focus and field of work?

R: I like since i was just a kid music and i have studied piano since i was only 8 years old. Since the very beginning i started to show interest in knowing more about the scores and was always curious to try to analyse and deconstruct them to get the objective of creation of the different pieces and that is what led me to studying composition and make it my profession.
I always wanted to know what is behind the creation of the music and i loved immersing myself in the enjoyment of such artistic creation.

Q: What are the obstacles that face a composer?

R: I think that the composer is first faced with the complexity of the field itself because studying composition is very challenging and requires certain qualities, abilities and persistence to achieve long-term goals. The composer’s task is more focused on so many ways of achievements and attainment unlike the musicians or the instrumentalist who focuses on developing skills for his specific instrument. Then a composer is faced with work difficulties that has to do with commerciality and the demand of commercialised music which stifles the abilities of the composer.

Q: What do you think of the residency at Aldeburgh Young Musicians which you are part of?

R: I think that the residency at Aldeburgh Young Musicians will be very beneficiary for the exchange of mentalities before music and for coming across similarities between cultures and stand on the differences that can enrich both cultures when shared.