Listen to Hany el Badry in Hikari Kiyama´s Konzert for Ney.

Born 14 October 1983 in Konkō, Okayama is a Japanese contemporary music composer.He is winner at NEW FORUM JEUNE CRÉATION by Institute Grame Lyon He had commission work for Saxophone concert for Champ d’Action, It will perform 2014 (at Berlin, Lyon and
Antwerp). 2013 He was selected DAR residency by Committee of Lithuanian Composers’ Union (LCU). He stayed at Druskininkai with fellowship grant.

Hikary Kyiama: Doppelkonzert for solo ney, solo clarinet and string quartet
world premiere The Japanese composer Kiyama Hikari was – just like Justina Repečkaitė – also participant of the “Heritage and
Modernity” forum last year. Born in Konkō, Okayama in 1983 he graduated from Joto High School and Tokyo College of Music. His music is influenced by his mentors Minoru Miki, Beat Furrer, Louis Andriessen, Hanspeter Kyburz,
Daniel Capelletti, Carlo Forlivesi, Claude Ledoux, Wim Henderickx and Luc van Hove. During his participation of the “Heritage and Modernity” forum
Hikary Kyiama visited a Sufi dance performance. He was deeply impressed by the dancers who spun around for hours. His Double Concerto for solo Ney, solo Bass clarinet and string quartet, which is celebrating its world premiere in this concert, alludes to this kind of wild round dance. The opening bars expose a lively repetitive arpeggio tutti before the bass clarinet takes up the opening motif. The ney is floating with long legato-notes on top of the arpeggio-carpet and presents a resting point before the concerto continues its fast and furious
ride until the last bar.