„meine Stimme, deine Stimme, unsere Stimme“

The EECMS is very delighted to start it 2017-2018 Season with a very ambitious Projects thank to the support of the International coproduction fund of the Goethe-Institu. The projects in the course of this collaboration will include several artistc aspects and cover a wide range activities. Among the most prestigious of these projects is
meine Stimme, deine Stimme, unsere Stimme“
صوتي، صوتك، صوتنا
The project is dedicated to the memory of Artist Ahmed Basiouny one of the martyrs of the 25th of January Revolution and who has believed in the power of the voice and sounds. Basiouny inspired Generations of students of visual arts to use their ears to get a better and whole sense of the world.


This project is aimed to use the human voice and the musical sounds as tools to help create more dimensional word effects in a sense that makes them whole, effective and diverse to reach for listeners from all walks of life. The project focuses more on the different sounds produced by the Egyptian culture when infused with other voices and sounds produced by other cultures especially western. The choice of having Egyptian and German voices for this experimental attempt was not to show eastern and western differences because that has been stressed ever since orientalist has been in hot debates but it is to stand on the shared qualities between the cultures through the use of words, voices and sounds. The project’s concept also rises from a strong belief in the abilities of the human voice as a strong medium to connect and communicate.
We are Happy to win a number of extraordinary artists as Uwe Dierksen, Brigitta Muntendorf, Hannes Seidl, Khaled Dagher and the extremely well known Palestinian singer and curator Kamilya Jubran will absolutely enable having a distinguished singing experience that will focus on elements of characteristic, nature and manner. The intended outcome will be six works which consist the core component of the project/performances that reflect the distinguished characteristic of each of the main actors with their different music interests and backgrounds so that the outcome will vary between free improvisation, installation, electronic music, multimedia creations and music composition. Expected also to invite several younger generation composers and sound artists from Egypt and Germany to join the main actors while there work process and develop their own creation as well.
World premiere will take place in Cairo in April 2018, further performances in Europe will be announced soon.