Meet Luis Tabuenca Saturday, 14 April Room Arts Space

Luis Tabuenca´s Autorretrato at the Cairo contemporary music days 2018.
An open call for all percussionists in Egypt to take part in an improvisation workshop with Luis Tabuenca at Room art space on April 14th, at 8:00 pm.
The event will start by Luis performing some of his pieces, followed by an improvisation session curated by Ayman Mabrouk (percussionists only), and then a free improvisation session will take place (open for everyone).
To know more about Luis Tabuenca
If you’re a percussionist wishing to participate please contact the EECMS.

The event is in collaboration and with the support of Instituto Cervantes

يقوم عازف الإيقاع والمؤلف الأسبانى “لويس تابوينكا” بالعديد من النشاطات فى إطار فعاليات أيام القاهرة للموسيقى المعاصرة، وبجانب مقابلات الإرتجالات الحرة بروم مكان للفنون، يحاضر لويس فى الجامعة الأمريكية بالقاهرة ويلى ذلك حفلة المرتقب ومشروع صولوس .

Luis Tabuenca

Spanish percussionist and composer Luis Tabuenca focuses on contemporary and experimental music and is also active in the international improvising music scene. His compositions explore the borderlines between improvised and composed music and include works for solo instruments, chamber music, contemporary dance-, and film-music. He has collaborated extensively with dancers, composers and visual artists. Beside his work as a performer and composer he is the founder and Artistic Director of the International Experimental Music Festival (FAT) in Burgos, Spain.

Tabuenca’s compositions are masterful pieces that juggle between thoughtful composed elements, subtle sonic searches and creative, intuitive, improvised freedom full of nuanced drama, arresting tension and vibrant colors.

Ayman Mabrouk

Ayman Mabrouk percussionist and producer, born in Alexandria, Egypt. He grew up listening to and exploring many different Oriental music styles which have formed the basis of his musical work today.He started working professionally as a percussionist with some of the most respected bands of the traditional Oriental music scene. He soon established himself as a sought-after musician, well known for his authentic grasp of Arabic, Jazz, Flamenco, African and Latin American music. Within a few years he had been featured on several Jazz and World music festivals in more than twenty countries around the world.