Northern Light

with the kind support of the Nordic Culture Fund
The project NORTHERN LIGHT puts contemporary music artists and productions from Nordic countries into the spotlight, and gives performers, composers, students and professionals from Nordic countries and the Arab region the opportunity to interact with one another. Taking place mainly in Cairo with at least four concerts 2016-2017, and many seminars, workshops, and master classes, it also includes Several world premieres (compositions and multidisciplinary art work). The Northern light curatorial conception has developed over the past year and a half according to the various partners input but also through the development of our work in general. Moreover, two major projects are currently under development: Caprice and Heritage and Modernity which are believed to enable even a more attractive opportunity of exchange and artistic interaction as well as affirmed International visibility and collaboration between the different regions and cultures involved. Perhaps an added value is the International young composers platform that will be integrated in Heritage and Modernity where among 20 Young composers from different countries and cultural background, an expected number of five Nordic young composers will take part. Those young composers will have the chance to have a deep insight in an enchanting world of Arab music tradition and meet the most acclaimed Arab instrumentalist. We are thrilled to receive the impressions of those young composers, document such impressions and exchange with their fellows from other cultures. The project is very much interested in the participation of women composers so it would be a platform that promotes for gender equality in the our field in the Arab world. It is very obvious as well that the female participants in the young composers platform almost reaches the 80% which is something that those who worked on the project has done intentionally. It is also very important to mention that quality is considered number one priority so the decision makes of the project did their best always to pick female composers that are of high quality that is adequate to such international upcoming events. What this project looks forward to is shedding light on some sort of marginalized categories in the artist field that is why the spots wold be mainly on youth and female composers.
The European-Egyptian Contemporary Music Society e.V. (EECMS) would like to combine two of its time-tested strategies, firstly, the Guest Country programme of its annual Cairo Contemporary Music Days and its Cairo Portrait Concert series which is also dedicated to presenting important new music schools and personalities from a different European country each time. Such persistent endeavours aim at getting Nordic composers and ensembles to Egypt as part of these series. Both series are traditionally accompanied by an academic programme with the international participants of the concerts. From April 2016 to May 2017, instead of having a regular guest country programme and concert series with a national focus, we plan to devote three festival editions and several additional concerts exclusively to the contemporary music developments in Nordic countries, starting with the invitation of  Hanna Hartman (Sweden) in April 2016 in the course of Heritage and Modernity. This is all in preparation for a multidisciplinary project with seniors of the visual arts of the American University in Cairo as the invitation of young Nordic composers from Iceland and Sweden.
The second half of 2016 will witness the Nordic portrait as the Egyptian Contemporary Music Ensemble, under the button of a Swedish renowned composer; will perform a program that includes several Nordic composers. Examples of such works are like: a work with dance by Esa-Pekka Salonen
The Nordic countries are uniquely fascinating to the Arab world. On a variety of occasions and on different levels, NORTHERN LIGHT allows the art world(s) and the interested public in Cairo as well as students, academics and professionals to explore the musical-cultural landscapes of these Nordic countries with great deepness and experience the musical traditions as well as the recent artistic (and also Institutional structural of cultural supporting Bodies and Artistic landscape) in a variety of Nordic countries.
It is the aim of NORTHERN LIGHT and its other related activities mentioned before to lead to collaborative performances outside of Egypt. Both established composers and young composers will be enlisted in programs for several international partner festivals as well as visibility ones in the Nordic countries