Watch the interview with H.E. Mr. Julius Georg Luy Germany Ambassador in Cairo after the First Carte Blanche Concert
Contemporary music celebrated a triumphal place in the Egyptian Culture life.
Music Talks 2018 – New partnership
Cairo Contemporary Music Days – Carte Blanche – Programme
Cairo Contemporary Music Days 2018
Transmedial Composing – Social Media Opera & Social Composing
“Women Composers of Our Time.” This landmark event is part of EECMS’s ongoing effort
Interview with Young Composer Rosilla Adel – AYM Residency Participant
Middle East focus on Rai Radio 3
صوتي، صوتك، صوتنا

Cross Hungarian Contemporary Music

Another Highlight in February 2014.   تفخر الجمعية الأوروبية المصرية للموسيقى المعاصرة بتقديم هذا الحفل الموسيقي في قصر المانيسترلي في سياق سلسلة حفلات المركز العالمي للموسيقى ( IMC ) ويعتبر التعاون مع المركز العالمي للموسيقى خطوة كبيرة تجاه هدفنا في Continue reading Cross Hungarian Contemporary Music


While what we broadly perceive as ‘new music’ originated in post-war Europe, it has not remained an exclusively European affair for very long. Having been enriched from early on by the integration of Asian and African traditional music, its grand Continue reading ON25