supporters and Partners

The EECMS invested in collaboration with many institutions, public universities and private ones and the Ministry of Culture in Egypt. Among such institutions there are the Cairo Opera House, the Culture development fund and all ancient spaces under their directory. Besides, the American University in Cairo with its Four marvelous
concert Halls, the EECMS Collaborates Cairo Conservatoire, Museum of Modern Arts, the Foreign Cultural Relations sector, the Supreme Council of Culture. (Heritage and Modernity  Forum has won the generous auspices of the Ministry of Culture himself).


Most recent supporters 2015 -2017

Goethe Institut,  Allianz Culture Foundation, the Japan Foundation, The British Council, the Arab fund for Arts and Culture, the Nordic Culture Council, Ernst Von Siemens Music Foundation and The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Other co-operating foundations and cultural institutions: Spanish Ministry of Culture / Foreign Affairs, Institut Ramon Llull, Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne, Austrian Culture Forum,  German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Korean Culture Council, TIMF Foundation Korea, Strecker Foundation and  Action Cultural Madrid.


The EECMS is a non-Profit organisation which dose not charge box office for all its events.
Associate member of the ISCM


Main Partners






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