Cairo Contemporary Music Days 2019 NORDIC

Nordic Focus 2019 Denmark – Norway

Following the activities, started in 2016 with the Heritage and Modernity forum Heritage and Modernity Cairo 2016, we established a large international platform and partnerships, continuing to demonstrate how global contemporary music is in the development now a days in the midst of the digital area. The Forum facilitated for a successful collaboration with the Carte Blanche Project as Lithuanian – Egyptian and mid eastern exchange was followed by perhaps the most successful edition of Cairo Contemporary Music Days 2018 focusing in Germany and Berlin as a culture hub .

In 2019 the European Egyptian Contemporary Music Society (EECMS) would like to dedicate its 2019 festival edition to the Nordic countries and since we believe that it’s a very small slot to present the large and unique productions of several Nordic countries in one festival edition we will most probably split the the focus on two years and focus on Norway and Denmark in the 2019 edition also because of the various possibilities we see in these, two particular collaborations  and their deep interest, dedication and will to invest in a possible first Middle eastern Nordic Collaboration in this field. The Collaboration in the Nordic focus will include several aspects as it will develop to a presentation of our work in the Mideast in KLANG Festival with our Danish Colleagues. The same concept will also be applied onto a Norwegian presentation and collaboration with Asamisimasa Ensemble.

This development matches very much our philosophy and aims to foster local collaboration and build bridges between the Mideast and the rest of the world in our field. From the April 8th to April 16th 2019, we plan to hold the first part of the Nordic Focus in several venues in the centre of Cairo in Government and independent venues. 2020 edition will focus on Finland, Sweden and Iceland.


بعد أن أصبحت برلين عاصمة للموسيقى المعاصرة فى ٢٠١٨، يحتفل مهرجان أيام القاهرة للموسيقى المعاصرة في نسخته السابعة المقامة فى الفترة من التاسع الى الخامس عشر من شهر أبريل 2019 بدول شمال أوروبا أو مايطلق عليها الدول الاسكندنافية، ويعتبر ذلك من أكبر تمثيل لهذه الدول فى مجال الموسيقى المعاصرة فى الشرق الأوسط وقد حرصت الجمعية الاوروبية المصرية للموسيقى المعاصرة على تطوير عدد من التعاون المشترك بين فنانين مصريين والعرب المعاصرين مع عدد من الفنانين والمؤسسات فى تلك الدول وخاصة النرويج والدنمارك، والتى تحتفى بهم هذه الدورة، على أن يستكمل التعاون فى ٢٠٢٠ مع فنلندا والسويد وايسلندا .

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