meine Stimme, deine Stimme, unsere Stimme

The whole project is dedicated to the memory of Artist Ahmed Basiouny who has believed in the power of the voice and sounds. Basiouny inspired generations of students of visual arts to use their ears to get a better and whole sense of the world.

meine Stimme, deine Stimme, unsere Stimme“

صوتي، صوتك، صوتنا

The project „My Voice, Your Voice, Our Voice“ focuses on the human voice as the primary instrument and communication medium by building the common ground of the presented compositions and installations.

The compositional process is meant to build bridges to foreign vocal traditions and cultures. How this aim is accomplished depends on the musical language of each composer.

The influence of intercultural exchange is meant to affect the process of composing in two different aspects: first the German composers will have the opportunity to get in touch with masters of different vocal artforms of the Egyptian tradition (Sufi-Chant, Koran-Recitation, traditional Nubian singers, sacral Coptic enchantment) beforehand of the compositional process in order to delve into the different facets of vocal arts in Egypt as a starting point and inspirational device for the forthcoming compositions.

Otherwise the young Egyptian composers and multimedia-artists will have the opportunity to exchange their experiences with their German colleagues and to profit from their familiarity with the contemporary music scene. The works of the Egyptian composers will focus on the application of digital and electronic elements in order to avoid a common fall back into musical Orientalism. They shall consciously reflect exploit the digital possibilities of our time and experiment with means of music-theatre, performing arts, and multidisciplinary approaches. The artists involved in the project are: Brigitta Muntendorf, Hannes Seidl, Uwe Dierksen, Khaled Dagher und Kamilya Jubran.

The Project is supported by the International Coproduction fund of the Goethe Institut