EECMS at Donemus Publishers

EECMS at Donemus Publishers’

Donemus Publisher Denhaag and the European-Egyptain Contemporary Music Society are jointly organising a round table discussion including several topics such as the status of Middle-Eastern composers and publishing their music and where do they stand from the global publishing movement now. The participants will also try to shed some light on the creation of a new musical repertoire and the facilitation of its crossing of borders. This comes with the more related topics that the Heritage and Modernity Forum took place last April in Cairo has brought to the table. Speakers, Zaid Jabri (Syrian-Polish composer), Sherif el Razzaz (EECMS), Davo Van Peursen (President of Donemus Publishers) and Lithuanian composer and conductor Vykintas Baltakas will try to debate the importance of Donemus Orient and the ability to launch a international music sheet label dedicated to professional Arab composers in need for high quality publishing reach out internationally as well as regionally. In addition to this, the persistent need to have a user-friendly accessible online archiving database poses to be of equal importance to be discussed in such occasion. 

The event takes place 8th of September at Donemus House at 19.00.” 

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