Carte Blanche


We are honoured to collaborate with the Lithuanian Ensemble Network LEN within the course of Carte Blanche which is a Goethe Institute – Initiative that encourages more openness and cultural exchange between the east and the west. The Cairo-Vilnius project manages to bring together all compositions that comprise European modernism and Arab tradition in a harmonious was that show both backgrounds in a completely harmonious intertwined concerts. The EECMS is a Germany-based contemporary Music Society that aims to promote contemporary music in the middle east that embraces the Arab and Egyptian tradition and identity, therefore the society feels very much encouraged to be part of Carte Blanche which holds same concepts and thoughts the society works on its development now, and of course that is more asserted through the collaboration with the Lithuanian Ensemble and the Lithuanian conductor and composer Vykintas Baltakas

Description of the project: Three Goethe-Institut offices from North Africa and the Middle East have been invited by their Goethe-Institut colleagues from Central and Eastern Europe to develop joint cultural programmes:Cairo > Vilnius Beirureed more t > Bratislava Amman > Prague

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