The Dice Player in Vilnius

Gruodžio 1 d., 19 val. | December 1, 7 p.m.

Vilniaus rotušė | Vilnius Town Hall


EGIPTO ŠIUOLAIKINĖS MUZIKOS ANSAMBLIS | Egyptian Contemporary Music Ensemble

    Voice   Najat Suleiman   –    Conductor Vykintas Baltakas

The Dice Player for voice, Viola, Bass clarinet and Piano  is one of Tahas works that are inspired by the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish who wrote a poem that carries the same title as musical work. The composer summarises the philosophy of the poem and his composition in one word “Chance”. In time of war he just thought of chances and power relations, which controlled the world and still does and how he will return someday to his fatherland. Taha at that crucial time felt a strong persistent urge to find an answer to the question of “who I am?”, which is a question that comes to the mind of an artist in the modern world very often. Such influences shaped his music that shows a great deal of consideration of portraying what it means to be an Arab and in the 21st century.

More to the Project will be announced soon