Great start of our ´´Music Talks´´ series in 2018

Brigitta Muntendorf, hold the first music talks this yearin Cairo. the Talks took place during  the first session of our project “my voice, your voice, our voice” which will be showcased in the Cairo Contemporary Music Days festival from the 24th till the 28th of April, with performances by an array of composers including Brigitta Muttendorf, Hannes Seidel, Ola Saad, Jacqueline George, Khaled Dagher, Bosaina and many others.
The Project is with the kind support of the Co-production fund of the Goethe Institut
You can listen to the full talks if you missed the live streaming.

LIVE: German experimental composer Brigitta Muntendorf giving a music talk about Transmedial Composing for the European European-Egyptian Contemporary Music Society's project made possible by the international co-production fund of Goethe Institute.

Posted by Scene Noise on Samstag, 13. Januar 2018