In The 2nd memory of el-Fagoummie the late ‘Amiah poet, The Egyptian Contemporary Music Ensemble is glad to announce the launch of it’s new Project that will take place in the beginning of March in Cairo.

Negmyat is inspired by the works of the late Egyptian poet Ahmed Fouad Negm or el-Fagoummie who died this same day raging 84 in December 2013. He is the best-known, most popular vernacular poet in Egypt for both his heart-felt, close to everyday life verse and his political activism that lasted over the last 60 years. He is considered one of the most influential artists in the entire Middle East.

In the Guardian’s obituary of Negm they described his life journey in 2 sentences that sum it all up:

‘Satirical poet’s unvarnished reflections on Egyptian life inspired generations of young to push for change, including 2011 uprising’

The project is considered the first artistic production which is part of the bigger frame “At Present”. It is an event dedicated exclusively to celebrate the power of words and it has the aim to establish a platform of regional and international contemporary productions, dealing with the transformation and interpretation of words (and more) into contemporary musical compositions.

The artistic vision of Negmeyat is intended to manifest lyrics and poems of Negm in six different musical concepts using the classical formation of contemporary music ensemble (a septet) accompanied by a vocal element (a singer or a narrator), Arab
instruments and sound art.

Merihan Backr

Photo by Corrine Grassi
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