Music Talks 2018 – New partnership

New partnership:

In our series “Music talks” we aim to target anyone whoever is interested in contemporary music, whether it’s a professional working in the field, a musician, or just someone who likes music; to get the information from a first hand source who will talk specifically in their field of expertise. The global market is changing rapidly, and it is affected by many things like the implementation of the different cultural policies and how they affect the direction taken by the different venues that exist in different communities; and in order to get to know it better, we get together musicians, musicologists, ethnomusicologists, music journalists, directors of leading venues and organizers; from all sides of the different scenes within contemporary music, whether it be classical, or to include the new electronic contemporary music scene that has been continuously rising.

We will be starting the next year with the second version of the “Music talks” series, with a selected group of composers like Brigitta Muntendorf, venues’ directors such as Gillian Moore – Southbank center director-, and many others.

We are also very delighted to announce our new partners in this year’s series; Room art space, Cairo jazz club and Aisha Fahmy palace; aside our main partner, the Foreign culture relations sector. These new partnerships arose from our common belief in the importance of raising awareness and get people more involved in the music scene, since the development of the different music movements reflects the social development and interactions within a certain society.

This series will be open for the public, without any fees required, since we aim to target everyone who is interested in contemporary arts.